Air Flow Dynamics

Briefly explains the function of any ten (10) duct work components with suitable
Water is pumped from a chiller in the basement, where Z1 = 0 m, to a cooling coil
located on the twentieth floor of building, where Z2 = 100 m. What is the
minimum pressure rise the pump must be capable of providing if the temperature
of the water is 4 °C?
Compute the pressure drop in 30 m of straight circular sheet-metal duct 300 mm in
diameter when the flow rate of 20 °C air is 0.75 m3
An airflow rate of 2 m3/s passes through a rectangular duct 0.3 by 0.5 m. Calculate
the pressure drop in 45 m of straight duct using (a) D eq and (b) D eq, f.
Briefly explain the function of radial, forward curved and backward inclined fans.
Design the duct system (find duct diameter) using a Velocity reduction method.
Use Velocity of air 8 m/s in main duct (Segment A), 5 m/s in downstream and
branches, and draw the duct system by using Visio tool.

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