Analyze this person from 2 of the eight major perspectives explored over the course of the class, using at least five different sources

Final Course Project-Perspectives on a Famous Personality (Due, Sunday Week 8: 20 points)
The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience applying the theories you are learning about to a real personality. You will begin by choosing an interesting person to study and analyze. Be sure to choose someone you truly find interesting, because this person will be your focus throughout the course. Choose a public person you like (a politician, movie star, musician, author, etc.), living or deceased. The only requirement is that there must be sufficient information available about this person’s life for you to adequately complete the assignment. Below is a short list of some interesting people whom you might want to consider: (you choose outside of list but let me know who you choose by week 2)
Mother Teresa Condoleezza Rice Malcolm X John F. Kennedy
Maya Angelou Richard Nixon Serena Williams Emmanuelle Charpentier 
Fidel Castro Barack Obama Bill Cosby Oprah Winfrey
Mohandas Gandhi Pablo Picasso Bill Gates Michael Jackson
Benjamin Franklin Jonas Salk Marie Curie Napoleon Bonaparte
Johnny Depp Elaine Chao Elon Musk Woodrow Wilson
Mike Tyson Saddam Hussein Steve Jobs Tyler Perry
Harry Truman Adolf Hitler Franklin D. Roosevelt Pope John Paul II
The Dalai Lama Henry Ford Rosa Parks Princess Diana
Cesar Chavez Eleanor Roosevelt Simone de Beauvoir Sigmund Freud
Abraham Lincoln Winston Churchill Madonna Ellen Ochoa
Ellen DeGeneres Jason Momoa Eva Peron Malala Yousafzai
Paul McCartney Awkwafina Drew Barrymore Kurt Cobain
Howard Hughes Deepak Chopra Jimmy Carter Martin Luther King, Jr
Martha Stewart IMAN Queen Elizabeth II George Washington Carver
Before starting your paper, find and read a good biography or autobiography of this person. (Important: If you can’t find a book-length biography, choose someone else.) Supplement your book with newspaper or magazine articles and interviews. Your goal is to get to know this person well, giving you plenty of information upon which to base your analyses of his or her personality.
Paper Instructions: Analyze this person from 2 of the eight major perspectives explored over the course of the class, using at least five different sources (biographies, printed interviews, etc.). Quality papers will provide a thorough and well-written theoretical analysis, will connect analysis to evidence from your readings, and make specific connections related back to the concepts and theories studied in class. The course textbook should be used as a cited reference to help support your analysis and insights about the person you select.
Specifics: Papers should be approximately 7 pages. Papers should conform to APA style, including citation of all sources used.

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