Choose an article from a magazine or journal that contains statistical information, and Identify the independent and dependent variable(s) from the research questions/hypothesis.

Conduct research in the Capella library and the Internet to identify a country that you feel employs effective practices to deal with the health care issue you chose in the Unit 3 assignment. (This country will be henceforth referred to as the model country.) Be sure that the model country is from a different economic stratum than the country you chose in Unit 3.
Compare your chosen country from the Unit 3 assignment with the model country you identified during the preparation for this assignment.
In your paper:

Discuss your reasons for selecting the model country for its best practices. Assess the performance indicators that led to the selection.
Compare briefly the challenges each government faces when addressing the issue.
Compare briefly the approaches each government takes to address the issue. What might be reasons for the differences?
Choose one approach employed by your model country as a best practice to address the issue. Discuss ways that adoption of that best practice might improve health care services provided to customers in your chosen country.

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