Consider ways a client can be more engaged in managing their care.

Assignment Instructions: 

Assignment Overview: Based on your participant holistic assessment identified in week 3, you will be creating a nursing grand rounds presentation to teach the participant about their condition and related assessment findings. 

Assignment Directions: 

1. Review your participant’s holistic assessment form from week 3 (please see attachment ) as well as feedback from your instructor. Make sure your participant and medical condition are approved before creating the presentation.
2. Using the Grand Rounds Slide Outline provided, create a 10-slide presentation. You should have one slide for each content area. Do not include more content slides. You may include an additional reference slide if needed. Slide design should be professional and engaging for the target audience.  Review the grading rubric for details and expectations. 

Nurse Grand Rounds Assignment PowerPoint Template_Revised.pptx

Assignment Specifications: 

· You should have one slide for each content area.  
· Do not include more content slides.  
· Introduce yourself and your chosen topic using voiceover on slide one.  
· On slides 2-9, include brief, bullets of information related to the content slide.  
· You will use the speaker notes and voiceover to provide greater detail and articulation of each slide’s content.  
· Slide 10 (APA reference slide) will not use voiceover.  
· You may include an additional reference slide if needed.  
· Slide design should be professional and engaging for the target audience.   

Grand Rounds Slide Outline: 

 Slide 1 – Title Slide 

· Your name 
· Chosen client using initials and medical condition 
· Institution’s Affiliation 

Slide 2 – Pathophysiology of Disease 

· Identify the disease process.
· Describe the etiology of the disease process.
· Outline epidemiological considerations and possible risk factors based on the clients’ medical, social, and family history. 

Slide 3 – Pathogenesis of Disease 

· Identify the pathogenesis of disease process on the client. 
· Describe the impact of age, gender, socioeconomic factors, lifestyle considerations, and geographical location on the pathogenesis. 

Slide 4 – Physical Assessment Findings 

· Describe assessment findings, diagnostics, and lab values you found when assessing the client.
· Discuss current treatment regimen including identifying the healthcare team members and setting/facility-e.g., acute care, rehab, long-term care, outpatient, mental health facility—where the client is currently receiving care. 
· Identify holistic care the client may be utilizing in addition to the prescribed regimen.

Slide 5 – Cultural and Genetic Considerations and Challenges 

· What cultural and/or genetic considerations or challenges does this disease process present for the chosen client? 
· Provide supportive rationale.

Slide 6 – Evidence-based Nursing Plan of Care 

· Collaborative interventions 
· Patient Education 
· Screening tools 
· Holistic care with prevention 

Slide 7– Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Challenges 

· What additional members of the interdisciplinary team should be included-Why? 
· What role does the client and family play in the treatment plan?
· Identify any community care needs.

Slide 8 – Client as Team Member 

· Consider ways the client can be more engaged in managing their care. What resources may help the client and family and why?—provide supportive rationale.
· Identify 3-5 questions to discuss with the client that they may have for the healthcare team in order to help manage their care and feel better.
· Consider lifespan factors: describe the impact of the disease process on the rest of the client’s lifespan and how the client and family should anticipate managing care.  

Slide 9 – Application to Current Practice 

· How has completing this assignment impacted your current nursing practice? 
· How has completing this assignment impacted your understanding of the impact of pathophysiology and health assessment on patient-centered care? 
· What will you take away from this assignment? 

Slide 10 – Reference Slide 

· A minimum of 3 references (<5 years) from scholarly sources in APA Format 
· One reference must be your textbook 
· One reference must be from a peer-reviewed journal 
· One reference must be from an authoritative website such as the CDC, NIH, AHRQ, or, Healthy People 2030 
· Please ask your course faculty if you are unsure of a resource. 

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