Convert 2.6 in radians to degrees.

1. Convert 2.6 in radians to degrees. Round your answer to four decimal places, if necessary.

2. Convert 4π/9 to degrees

3. Convert 40 degrees to radians. Give a exact answers, using pi for π if needed

4. The radian measure of an angle of -112 degrees is. Give your answer exactly (no decimals).

5. The angle between 0 and 2π in radians that is coterminal with the angle −91π /10 radians is

6. A hamster runs at a speed of 5 centimeters per second in a wheel of radius 11 centimeters. a) What is the angular velocity of the wheel? (in radians/sec)

b) How fast will the wheel spin in revolutions per minute?

7. A truck with 44-in.-diameter wheels is traveling at 50 mi/h. Find the angular speed of the wheels in rad/min. How many revolutions per minute do the wheels make?

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