1, Aug 2022
Describe the overall project goals and your role in the project.

Consider a past situation where you were a member of a team that was involved in a project. Ideally, this situation should be where you currently work. However, you can use any situation or experience in your personal life as well. If you are at a loss of thinking of a scenario – then you may choose to make up a project that may be of interest to you instead.Describe the overall project goals and your role in the project.Explain how the project scope was clearly defined at the beginning of the project or how it was not clearly defined.Prepare and share with us a listing of deliverables from your project. Offer at least 5deliverables and two work packages per deliverable.Identify the WBS code accordingly. For example:BreakdownDescriptionWBS CodeProjectProject Title1.0Deliverable 1Deliverable 1 Description1.1WP1First Work Package1.1.1WP2Second Work Package1.1.2Deliverable 2Deliverable 2 Description1.2WP1First Work Package1.2.1WP2Second Work Package1.2.2Finally,complete a quick google search, and locate a website (that appears credible) that presents an example WBS. Share the link with your peers along with a sentence or two related to how their WBS aligns to the typical structure of a WBS as presented in the week introduction.TextA Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Seventh Edition and The Standard for Project Management (RUSSIAN) ISBN: 9781628257007 Authors: Project Management Institute Project Management Institute Publisher: Project Management Institute Publication Date: 2021-08-01