discuss the ways in which a manager can impact an organization through this role.

You have learned about several different theories of management, from bureaucracy to human resources models to systems theory to contingency theories.  If you were managing a program, how would you decide on the best management model to use?  Does one of the models seem to you to fit best with your own personality and values?

You are the director of a human services agency and need to hire a job coach who will provide employment support to clients with intellectual disability. Because of budgetary restrictions, you are planning to hire a recent graduate and have them work under the supervision of an experienced job coach. What do you think are the three most important qualifications for the position? Why?

One of the key responsibilities of a manager is motivating employees.  Not counting money, name one motivational strategy you would use if you were managing a group of behavior techs and discuss why you think this strategy would be effective.

It is time to develop a budget for the upcoming year for the human services organization you manage.  Briefly describe the steps you would take in order to develop the new budget. What information would you want to have at hand in order to complete the budget?

Your agency has grown significantly since its origin three years ago.  You need to totally re-design the strategic plan in order to meet current demands and also provide support for future planning and growth. Describe the first step you will take and why you have chosen to start with it.

Define “Process Evaluation” and “Outcome Evaluation” and discuss how each would be used to improve the operations of a human services organization.

The text presents several perspectives on the role of managers as leaders:

The Manager as an Articulator of Values

The Manager as an Architect of Culture

The Manager as a Developer of Vision

The Manager as Teacher

The Manager as a Designer

The Manager as a Political Advisor

Pick one of these and discuss the ways in which a manager can impact an organization through this role.  Is this a role in which you would feel comfortable? Why or why not?

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