Evaluate the influence of diversity on psychology’s major concepts.

I have attached the instructors grading rubric and a APA template that she wants our papers to look just like the format. Please look over them and go strictly by her wishes. Thank uWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze the diverse nature of psychology as a discipline.Address the following items as a part of your analysis:· Evaluate the influence of diversity on psychology’s major concepts.· Identify two examples of subdisciplines and two examples of subtopics within psychology. Examples of major concepts and their subtopics include the following:o Motivation: theory of emotion, and approach and avoidanceo Behaviorism: aggression, cheating, and binge drinkingo Cognition: cognitive dissonance and false memories· How can the subdisciplines and subtopics you identified be applied to other disciplines and venues in contemporary society?· Relate the subdisciplines and subtopics to your theoretical perspective.· Conclude with your psychological contribution to society in the areas of work, education, health, and leisure.· Be sure to include at least three references from scholarly(peer-reviewed) sources· APA format must be used/Write in 3rd person.

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