Identify and describe a current disaster research need.

RESEARCH ASSESSMENT PAPER ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWThe purpose of this paper is to identify and describe a current disaster research need. This paperwill be the foundation for developing a potential research proposal. As such, an extensive searchof the existing literature is required with scholarly and academic sources being properly cited.An evaluation of the literature will be used to develop a topic, problem statement, andconclusion.I Background and Problem Statemento Preliminary research must be conducted using practitioners, government sources,articles, etc., to identify and support the problem. The background must includecitations from these sources to support your position and problem statement.o The problem statement will describe the situation and present issues as well asidentifying one or more problematic issues. The problem statement must be clearand concise (approximately 200 words).? Literature Reviewo The literature review is a critical component of a proposal. This section highlightswhat has been achieved related to your topic. Answer the following questions:? What has been tried?? What were the conclusions?? What do researchers agree or disagree about?? What are the central themes and arguments in current studies?? What is missing from current studies?o Scholarly articles are required. Although some information from governmentsources may be used sparingly, approximately 80% of the review shouldincorporate recent scholarly articles (published within the last 5 years).o Do not state your opinion in this section. All information provided must beproperly cited and must be from quality academic sources. To achieve this, usedirect quotations, paraphrases, and synthesized information from multiplesources. For example, this statement synthesizes the opinions of 4 scholars:“Researchers have argued that disaster planning is critical to minimizing the

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