If an employee voluntarily quits his job, may the employee collect unemployment compensation?

1) If an employee voluntarily quits his job, may the employee collect unemployment compensation?
Suppose Hector is ordered by his boss to commit an illegal act—dumping toxic wastes into a river.
Hector instead quits his job. Can Hector get unemployment compensation?
2) Victoria is fired from her job at a marketing firm when her boss overhears her arguing with another
employee about Trump’s policies. The boss, a “never-Trumper” resents the fact that Victoria fully
support whatever Trump says and does. Does Victoria have any rights in this situation under the Civil
Rights Act? Explain.
3) The Elite Modeling Agency hires female models and contracts with various entities to supply models
for fashion shows. Elite refuses to hire models whose height is less than 5 feet, 9 inches. Electra, a
former Miss Virginia is 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Elite declines to hire her because she is “too short”. Does
Electra have a claim against Elite under the Civil Rights Act? Explain.
4) Tran, who was born in Vietnam, now lives in Los Angeles. She applies to be a waitress at Hooters.
The manager of Hooters restaurant tells her, “Sorry, we rarely hire Asian girls because their breasts
are too small and part of the Hooters’ image is waitresses with big breasts”. Does Tran have a valid
claim against Hooters under the Civil Rights Act? Explain.
5) Grace is a widow who has three daughters. She has a will which leaves all of her property to the three
daughters “in three equal shares, share and share alike.” Most of Grace’s money is in an account at
Capital One Bank. As a convenience in case she needs help with paying bills and writing checks, she
asks Capital One to put her daughter Evelyn  on the account as joint tenant. Capital One does so. Ten
years later Grace dies. At her death the Capital One account has $300,000. On deposit. Evelyn argues
that she is entitled to the entire $300,000. Her sisters claim it should be divided 3 ways because of the
clear language in Grace’s will. Who is correct? Why?
6) Sam and Dave are neighbors in a suburban neighborhood.  Sam builds a concrete driveway along his
property line but due to an error by the paving company, the driveway extends three feet onto Dave’s
property. Dave notices this and talks to Sam about it. They agree that the driveway will stay as long
as Sam lives in the neighborhood. Twenty two years later Sam moves away. Dave is still there and
demands that the new owners remove the portion of the driveway on Dave’s property. The new
owners claim they own the strip of the driveway by virtue of adverse possession. Are they correct?
Have all the elements of adverse possession been satisfied?
7) Ben is on a business trip for his employer. He rents a vehicle and is driving around the city. While
driving, he answers a cell phone call from his office. Distracted, he runs into another vehicle. Under
the law of principle and agent, who is liable for the other motorist’s injuries? Ben? His company?
Both? Explain your answer.

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