Is there a market/need for a video game trading program at eBay? 

Overall Literature review theme is a market research: 

Is there a market/need for a video game trading program at eBay? 

Market research to see if there is a market for a video game trading program? Doesn’t need to include eBay since they don’t currently have the program

Should eBay take the trading card program and implement it with video game trading? 

Point of these three bullet points is to give you an idea of the overall feeling of the literature review. ^ 

Literature Review based on the following:

-General trading in video game program at competitors like game stop 

-Consumer behavior Video Game buyer: spending habits   

-Studies who play video games: to see if after they finish playing the game, will they be willing to trade it in for credit to buy another game. 

-Video game buyers: the ideal is even though the video game player will be a teenager, the buyer will be the parent. 

– Video game players versus video game buyers 

Cannot mention anything about customer service , sales or  business  operation related. The point of this Literature review is to see if there’s a Market/need for a video game trading program. No need to write about the logistics of how it will work. 

If for any reason you cannot find information on the 5 bulletin points, let me know 

What I need help with is 3 and 4 Introduction/Literature Review (Please see pdf for more details) 

Please use subheadings to separate your literature into relevant themes.

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