1, Aug 2022
What are industrial control systems (ICS)?

Weekly discussions must be completed on time and written in APA rules.What areindustrial control systems (ICS)? How can you Protect Critical Infrastructure from insider threats? Tell us about five different critical infrastructures. How are they at risk? How can you protect the five infrastructures you picked?Please provide at least two references to support your answersManagingRisk: Tools and Methodologies; Assessment and Countermeasures Critical Infrastructure Sectors Transportation and Water and Wastewater SystemsEmbedded in much of your readings about the various CIKR sectors is the continuing issue of risk. It is an everyday occurrence and we get it in many forms, uses, and contexts. As homeland security professionals and as members of the concerned public trying to keep up with current events, you cannot assume you fully understand a topic as serious as this one without something more than a dictionary definition of the word. Floods, fires, storms, tornadoes, and other forms of natural disasters, as well as those created by mankind, all create huge risks for us. Now you are beginning to understand how risk, threat, and warning are an important part of our lives.This week we are going to focus onmanagingrisk. To manage risk, you first have to know how to access risk, and how it is important to think intuitively about the countermeasures (mitigation) that are important to the viability, durability, and resilience of our infrastructure. Recent events have shown how vulnerable our infrastructure is, but it has also shown what happens in other areas (like Puerto Rico) that’s infrastructure is fragile and where it takes many months and a significant amount of money to rebuild roads, bridges, and electrical systems. Though the Minneapolis Bridge collapse happened 10 years ago, it is a good example of how fragile some of our bridges are in our transportation infrastructure. We will also be looking at another sector, water and wastewater.Read in the classroom:Minetree, P. (2017, December 27) Risk.Read: