1, Aug 2022
What are some advantages of implementing the HSA option?

Write a paper of 2-3 pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages, which you must include:GuidelinesList question # before each answer.Use terms, evidence, and concepts from class readings, including professional business language.Must include a References page.Cite at least one (1) credible, academic, or professional sources for this assignment, outside of the textbook. (Do not use Wikipedia as a source).Format your paper according to APA 7.Case from Book page 247: A health savings account at frontline PRSusan Berry just returned from a national conference on compensation and benefits where she attended asession on health savings accounts (HSAs). Susan is the human resources director at Frontline PR, and thecompany has been struggling with the cost of health care insurance. After speaking with several experts atthe conference, Susan now thinks an HSA might be a viable option for the company.Frontline PR is a public relations firm located in the Northeast that employs close to 150 people in fourdifferent offices. Public relations professionals make up most of the staff, but the company also employsa complete administrative and operations staff. All of Frontline’s employees work full-time schedules andare eligible to participate in its health care insurance plan. Frontline currently offers a standard fee-forserviceshealth care insurance option. The plan has a modest deductible of $300 per year and a 20 percentcoinsurance requirement. In addition, the company offers a flexible spending account (FSA) that allowsemployees to set aside pretax earnings to pay for the deductible, coinsurance, and other medical expenses.Susan is considering offering an HSA along with a high-deductible health insurance plan instead ofthe current insurance plan and FSA. At the conference, Susan learned that making such a change couldresult in significant cost savings for a company. The high-deductible health insurance plan would cost a lotless for the company than the standard fee-for-services plan that Frontline currently offers. While Susansuggests that Frontline make contributions to each employee’s HSA, the overall costs for the health carebenefit would still be less than its current option. Beyond cost savings on premiums, many believe thatconsumer-driven health care tends to reduce overall health care costs. Some of the experts Susan spoke toat the conference stated that when employees have a greater say in their health care decisions, they makewiser decisions and do not spend as much on health care.Susan has discussed the HSA option with Frontline’s director of finance, Allison Jones. From thefinancial perspective, Allison agrees that the option would be a good step to start controlling health carecosts. However, as an employee who would use the benefit, Allison isn’t so sure that an HSA with a highdeductiblehealth insurance plan is the right option for the company. Based on Susan’s initial explanation,Allison didn’t really understand how the HSA worked. Further, she was concerned that she would have tospend more out of pocket on her own health care.Susan is convinced that the HSA option would offer a significant cost savings to Frontline. However,after her discussion with Allison, Susan is still unsure if it is the right path to recommend for her company.Questions:10-6. What are some advantages of implementing the HSA option?10-7. What are some potential disadvantages of the HSA option?10-8. What do you recommend? Why?