What are some common reasons people reject novel pizza dishes

Pizza Challenge Objectives
Create and pitch a unique pizza dish for the new SSU pub at the HMC campus. The pizza should:
·       Exemplify Sheridan’s commitment to creativity by being unique and original in comparison to other pizza options around campus and, more broadly, Mississauga
·       Affordable so that it appeals to Sheridan students and their budgets
·       Appeal to Sheridan faculty and staff
·       Be prototype table in Brandon’s kitchen
And it’d be nice if the pizza could:
·       Reflect Sheridan’s and Mississauga’s cultural diversity
·       Attract non-Sheridan customers from Square One
Clarification: The Reception of Pizza Novelty (9 November 2022)
Step 1: Determining Pizza Novelty
We begin the clarification process by establishing what constitutes pizza novelty in the marketplace. To do this, we’re going to analyze a couple of case studies.
Attributes of the Classic Pizza
Briefly outline the key attributes and characteristics of the ‘classic’ pizza. Add additional bullets for each major point.
⦁ Classic dough (simple dough)
⦁ Mozzarella cheese 
⦁ Pizza sauce 
Attributes of Novel Pizza
What are the attributes and characteristics of highly novel pizzas currently in the marketplace? Add more bullet points as appropriate.
⦁   Paneer
⦁  Coriander
⦁  Pickled ginger
⦁  Avocado
⦁ Squid pizza 
Resistance to Novelty
What are some common reasons people reject novel pizza dishes (such as pineapple on pizza)? Add more bullet points as appropriate.
⦁   People who do not like pineapple on pizza usually say that it’s because it goes against pizza tradition, since most people think that fruit ( tomatoes excluded) does not belong on a pizza over the years, a lot of different meals have gotten a bad rap. Some examples include kale caesar  salads, cake pops, and avocado toast. 
⦁ Some people tend to oppose changes generally including changes meant to improve quality on the basis that the new product does not meet the traditional standards 
⦁ Novelty for some individuals in corrupting the culture that shaped the preparation of the pizza dish. A good example is the Italian pizza where novel pizza that do not have the initial components is highly opposed 
Step 2: Vision of Success
The second step in the clarification phase is to create a vision of success. To do this, you’ll imagine visiting the pub at the HMC campus and ordering a pizza dish with your friends. The goal, here, is to imagine the entire customer journey and what role the pizza can play in that journey. For each of the prompts in this section, try to list as many responses as possible.
You are visiting the new pub at the HMC campus with three other classmates. Why might you or other students be excited to share a really novel pizza with friends?
⦁  To determine the effect of customer preferences on the product 
⦁ To collect feedback from each individual on the pizza offered 
⦁ Sharing a novel pizza offers an opportunity to evaluate individual’s perception on creativity used in enhancing novelty of products 
⦁ Friends tend to be more open at giving opinions towards a common product making it easier to determine customer feedback on the products. 

What might an ideal pizza experience look like? Provide tangible details that describe the entire journey from traveling to the pub to talking about the experience afterwards.
Before visiting the pub:
⦁ A discussion was raised on the expectations in a novel pizza 
⦁ A brief research is conducted by the group to determine what trends in the market on novel pizza 
⦁ A discussion was made on the expectation in terms of how the pizza should be prepared and the ingredients to be included in a novel pizza 
At the pub:
⦁ looking at the different options of a novel pizza that the pub has to offer       
⦁ Giving opinions and discussing about the pizza flavors and choices 
⦁  Enjoying the pizza and sharing each others opinion on how it tasted 
⦁ A comparison is made on the actual pizza compared to the expectation each person had before. 
After leaving the pub:
⦁  Reviewing the pizza and share opinions on how it tasted            
⦁  The group members convene to reflect on the pizza 
⦁ Each individual is given an opportunity to provide recommendations on improving pizza based on the variations identified 
⦁ An evaluation is made on the recommendations to determine the most viable alternatives and course of action in improving quality of the pizza 
Step 3: Clarify Design Attributes
Based upon the research you conducted in steps 1 and 2, what are the key attributes or characteristics of a novel pizza experience? Add more bullet points as relevant.
⦁ Should be stareable 
⦁ Should have a taste of flavor that is completely unexpected together  
⦁ A novel pizza experience should meet the needs of the target consumer 
⦁ A novel pizza should be prepared in simplicity but with great taste for customers appeal 
⦁ A novel pizza should be easy to identify the ingredients by ensuring the ingredients are well-balanced to maintain the taste  

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