what factors negatively affect/impact students’ graduation rates.

what factors negatively affect/impact students’ graduation rates. here in California or across the country?Our sample topic: Procrastination & graduation rates Argument: make an assertion with reasons and evidence one factor negatively impacting the graduation rate is procrastination. Description: to describe something is to give details to allow the audience to gain a general understanding Procrastination can be described as waiting until 11pm to begin a five page research paper that is due at 11:59pm. Definition: to define something is to provide the exact meaning or the essential characteristics of the thing (example: a dog is a domesticated member of the canine family)Procrastination can be defined as doing things last minute, the act of avoiding work until it’s due. Exemplification: to explain something by giving examples. There are many times a student might procrastinate, such as waiting until the last day to write a five-page research paper, waiting until the last hour to write a resume and cover letter, or waiting until the day of the final to begin studying. Narration: to explain something by telling a story (an anecdote).When I wrote a poem for my creative writing class, I cleaned the whole house to procrastinate before I sat down at the last minute to begin writing about the fridge as a self-potrait. Compare/Contrast: Using two (or more things) to explore similarities and differences (and to find a point in those similarities and differences). For an essay on procrastination, you might compare and contrast a time you did procrastinate and a time you did not, two times you procrastinated, a person who procrastinates and a person who doesn’t, the causes of procrastination or of time management. Cause/Effect: explain what causes a thing and/or what the effects of that thing can be. For an essay on procrastination, you could explore…. What causes colleges students to procrastinate? Feeling overwhelmed, feeling intimidated by the assignment, distractions, other obligations, (false) sense of confidence, What are the effects of that procrastination? stress, anxiety, mental health, negative impacts on other parts of life, academic performance, (grades, graduation rate)Division/Classification: taking an idea, dividing it into the various types or categories, and then labeling or naming each of those types. For example, if we were writing an essay about procrastination, we might divide and classify the types of student who procrastinate: Divide and Classify by class (freshman, sophomore, juniors, seniors)Divide and Classify by major (political science, biology, kinesiology, psychology) Divide and Classify by grades/gpaProcess Analysis: Explaining how something happened, how something is done, or how something should be done. How can we lessen/mitigate/reduce procrastination among CSUB college students? Encouraging the use of planners and study groups Eliminating distractions, remindersYour Academic Essay will require you to identify a problem negatively impacting the csu’s graduation rate of a specific demographic. For this assignment, identify the demographic, the adverse factor affecting their graduation rate, and possible ideas you could use for each of the nine rhetorical modes.Argument:Description:Definition:Exemplification:Narration:Compare/Contrast:Cause/Effect:Division/Classification:Process Analysis:

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