What has been and is the impact of Covid-19, Brexit, the climate emergency on your chosen industry?

1,750 words max
You must choose an industry of interest, collect relevant industry-level data from Orbis and other data sources and analyse it using the economic concepts and theories discussed.

PART A – Technical report (1,500 words max) for an audience of economists
1. For this assignment you MUST choose one of the following options:

– Choose an industry and compare it across at least two countries or regions
– Choose one industry in one country/region and compare it over time
– Compare two industries within a same country

2. Analyse the industry(s) chosen using data you downloaded from Orbis as well as additional data and information gathered by you.
– You must address the following questions by analysing the data from Orbis:
– How important is the chosen industry for the economy of the region/country chosen?
– How many companies are there in total and what is the proportion of large, medium, small or micro firms?
– Are they part of a larger business group? And is this foreign owned?
– What’s the average turnover in the chosen industry/country? Are there significant differences across firms in your industry/country with respect to their turnover and are there any outliers?
– What’s the average and median number of employees? Is there dispersion and are there any outliers?
– What are the important markets for this industry and this country/region in relation to this industry?
NOTE: For this part you are expected to use tables and figures

2. Analyse the level of industry concentration using a combination of concentration measures.
– In the module we will look at various measures to assess the degree of concentration of an industry and we will look at different theories too, which will help you evaluate determinants, trends and future prospects of the chosen industry in the chosen regions/countries or over time.
– What is the level of industry concentration in this region/country. Have they changed over time?
– Are there any big players dominating the industry/market?
– What are possible factors explaining the observed level of competition/concentration?
NOTE: for this part you are expected to use tables and figures

4. Draw any conclusions and recommendations
– What has been and is the impact of Covid-19, Brexit, the climate emergency on your chosen industry?
– Provide any policy recommendations to support your industry of choice

1. Tables and figures: For part 2-3 you are expected to use tables and figures. Look here for information on table and charts position and numbering. Tables and figures are not part of the word count.
2. Referencing: References are not included in the word count. In-text referencing and a reference list are expected to be used. Refer to the library’s guidance and services to support your correct referencing. This will ensure you don’t commit an academic offence and lose marks.
3. Word count: You are allowed a +/-10% on the word count. After this, I will simply stop reading and won’t consider anything in excess.
4. Writing style: This is a formal report to be submitted to your employers (a large consultancy firm) and potentially to parliament and should be written using formal language, be rigorous, supported by evidence and must look professional
5. Font, style and margins: I will not be prescriptive, but make sure you choose something that looks professional and it’s easy to read and at least with 1.15 spacing.

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