What have you learned about cultural competence and cultural humility?

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Discussion Prompt
Share your cultural philosophy and your progress in cultural competence and cultural humility.
This is an opportunity to examine your personal attitudes, beliefs, practices, and activities related to culturally competent global health and to document how these have been changed and impacted through taking the course. The purpose of this task is to help you identify your personal strengths and skills and to help you demonstrate your understanding and application of global health concepts. This post will create a snapshot of attitudes and practices that you can revisit (and modify) as you gain additional skills and experiences.
Be sure to support all claims with references from the course.
Reflection—please share the following.
What have you learned about cultural competence and cultural humility?
What have you learned about global migration and health?
What new insights do you have on global health issues and needs?
What new understanding have you gained about yourself as a professional that will guide your future work in public health?
Discuss ways you will continue to advance on the cultural continuum.
Address how you will apply your global health learning in your practice.
Philosophy Statement
Draft a philosophy statement addressing your attitudes related to culturally competent care and global public health. Share what you believe will guide your practice. Include in the philosophy, your strengths and weaknesses.

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