What is performance studies?

Please fill out this worksheet.  The worksheet has prompts, some questions ask you find quotes or explain what you think a passage means.  There are 10 questions and a two page reflection.  Form can be typed or handwritten depending on your learning style.  This is a very important article that helps explain what performance studies is so make sure you take your time with the article and work to understand what Conquergood means.  Worksheet- ConquergoodConquergood, D. (2002). Performance Studies: Interventions and Radical Research. TDR/The Drama Review, 46(2), 145–156. doi:10.1162/105420402320980550 ? What is performance studies? Hint it’s on (p. 145). ? What is the power of text? -Conquergood unpacks the terms of gapencillitin and mapencillitin used by the Garifuna people, an African descended minoritized group in Belize. Explain and unpack what does the pencil determine? gapencillitin mapencillitinCompare and Contrast ? Fredrick Douglas’ subtle but significant instruction to outsiders to listen “in silence.” ? Geertz’s scene (a more traditional view of ethnography) stands above and behind the people and, uninvited, peers over their shoulders to read their texts, like an overseer or a spy. Zora Neal Hurston ? Hurston foregrounds the terrain of struggle, the field of power relations on which texts are written,The 3 A’s2 Synthesis using 3-4 quotes from the article please answer – What did you learn about performance? 

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