Why is it important to consider cultural factors when developing a collaborative team and evaluating possible solutions to a need in a minority community?

Collaborative Alliance Worksheet (Assignment 2)

Collaborative Alliance Worksheet

Use this worksheet to identify potential partners and use their resources to begin to prepare a culturally sensitive strategic plan for collaboration.
Involve community leaders. Development of the process innovation must involve
at least
five Chinle community stakeholders, key conveners, or community leaders. Describe these
five individuals in the following chart. Use the
Chinle Service Unit Profile to guide your answers.


(Name, position, organization)


(Description of involvement)


(Description of goal of involvement)

Leverage community assets. As the process innovation is introduced into the community, proper incorporation of the community’s resources is necessary. In the following chart, evaluate the use of
each community entity in the process innovation. Use the
Chinle Service Unit Profile and readings in the course to guide your answers.

Community Entity

Potential Contribution to Collaboration

The Just Move It campaign

This campaign is facilitated by health promotion staff within the Department of Public Health. Its goal is to promote walking and running activities in Navajo Nation communities.

Health coaches

Health coaches work in primary care clinics to help diabetic patients with exercises, healthy eating, and controlling glucose.

Chinle Health Council

This group identifies health priorities and forms task forces for increasing awareness about healthy living.

Community nutrition staff

These specialists team up with other outreach workers to promote healthy eating in communities and schools.

Demonstrate cultural sensitivity. To gather collaborators and communicate with them effectively, you will need to demonstrate cultural competency. This will influence both whom you approach and how you approach them, which will ultimately determine the practicality of your solution and the quality of your communication plan. Refer to readings in the course and the
Chinle Service Unit Profile to inform your answers.

Cultural Analysis (GLOBE study’s nine dimensions)



Significance of Findings for Project

Power Distance

Uncertainty Avoidance

Institutional Collectivism

Gender Egalitarianism


Future Orientation

Performance Orientation

Humane Orientation

In-Group Collectivism

4. Consider cultural factors. Why is it especially important to consider cultural factors when developing a collaborative team and evaluating possible solutions to a need in a minority community? Use the readings in the course to guide your answer.


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